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Tina Ashmore is an international jewelry designer. She was born in Dublin, Ireland and has sold her jewelry successfully throughout Europe, New York and Connecticut for many years. Hidden away in her private studio in a little seaside village called Malahide in Co Dublin, Tina creates unique and delicious pieces all inspired by nature and made with passion.

Born into a family of musicians and artists, she excelled in many different genres of creative expression including stained glass, mosaic work and songwriting. Each color from this varied pallet of experience has made her the passionate jeweler she is today.

Tina specializes in the creation of fine one-off and limited edition jewelry pieces. Her work entails a meticulous series of stages very similar to sculpture. The frame is built using Argentium silver or gold and then each gemstone or pearl is added using headpins to create the subject. Leaves, small sculptured gem-set berries and blossoms are added to complete the theme of work. Tina's goldsmith training allows her the freedom to handcraft custom clasps and settings in gold or silver to compliment the main subject of her creations.

Tina has worked in the industry for nearly two decades; constantly improving and honing her craft to the highest standards possible. Avoiding off-the-shelf materials, Tina has all of her gemstones custom cut by hand for each piece of jewelry she creates. Her detailed gem-work combined with fine metalwork in gold and silver result in the creation of heirloom quality jewelry pieces to be enjoyed, loved and cherished from one generation to the next.


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